These skills can thrust your application and resume to the front. In recent years, more employees prefer jobs that enable them to work from home full- or part-time. Search Remotely is the premier platform for remote jobs.

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  • There are more than 20 great online courses for remote job seekers.
  • Husson has helped thousands of students to benefit from the
    transformative power of education.
  • They also provide paid training in a virtual classroom setting often via Instructor-Led Training (ILT) on a set schedule alongside other employees in training.
  • Technology has made remote work easier and more accessible.

IBM also offers more robust training programs that you can purchase an annual subscription to participate in. Another place to search for free online courses is Udemy. Many online instructors offer complimentary classes in HTML, business, IT, personal development, design, marketing, and lots more.

How to Start a General Proofreading Business

Through Coursera, you can obtain an online degree, certification, find a new career, or advance your current career. Coursera has many different options for joining, and depending on your goals; you can take courses for free or join one of their affordable training options. As you research your roles of interest, update your resume to showcase your relevant skill set and consider filling any skill gaps by taking an online course or earning a certification.

Coursera is a great online learning platform where you can learn almost everything. The “Web design for everybody” course is a great one for beginners to learn basic programming and coding to build a website. A certification helps you to switch your career easier, especially if your previous job is not suitable for working remotely. Your potential employers need to know about your skills and experience in the field. Having a good certification is one step ahead to prove that you are qualified for the position.

Data analytics & data science

Keeping the work-life balance during remote work becomes the biggest challenge for many. Taking this LinkedIn Learning course will provide you with the right guidelines for working from home course careers remote jobs successfully. You can learn to stay focused and productive during office hours from this course. It focuses on people, processes, and tools to build a strong remote work environment.

Skillshare is an online learning community that hosts over 34,000 online classes on a variety of topics. Course categories include animation, design, illustration, lifestyle, photography, business, writing, entrepreneurship, social media, and more! And you can get a free 30-day trial using this link, or you can explore all of their free classes here. Our team is digging through hundreds of online courses to find the very best and compile them here for you. We’ve carefully curated these courses to help you improve your qualifications and enhance your job applications. Whether you’re a marketer looking to learn the latest in digital analytics, or you simply want to strengthen your writing skills, these are the courses that can take your remote career to the next level.


But please note that I only recommend this course for people who already have knowledge of basic web development. In this program, you will master the front-end web, hybrid mobile app, and server-side development. You’ll learn about front-end frameworks like Bootstrap 4 and React. You’ll also learn to implement the databases using MongoDB, to work within Node.js. Codecademy has interactive courses that will make you feel inspired more when learning. Even though the platform is mostly for beginners, the quality is amazing.

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Each week you must complete a graded assignment, so you actively learn to market your own product or service. The main focus of this course is to help you create a distraction-free space at your home for office work so that you can stay productive. It also trains you to stay socially connected with your teammates for effective communication. Many remote workers face trouble putting their best efforts from home because their homes may not have the best environment for focused work.